Antichi B&B, is located in Tuscany, very close to Pisa and Florence

The Bed & Breakfast is located precisely in Santa Maria a Monte (Pisa), in the village of Montecalvoli on the road between Pisa and Florence, in the classic Tuscan countryside, in a small village that still allows you to relax and enjoy the simplicity of these lands rich history.

The B&B Antichi, although in the countryside, as you can see from the map is very close to the freeway, allowing its guests to reach the two major cities of Tuscany (Pisa and Florence), but also to reach and visit towns like Volterra, San Gimignano Siena and Pontedera in minutes, where fascinating museums of history, science and technologies will leave you amazed.

Daniela and Gianfranco will suggest the best places for shopping, eating well, dancing and, of course, to deepen your knowledge of history !


Pise 20 km
Leghorn 25 km
Lucca 30 km
Vinci 30 km
Florence 50 km
Volterra 50 km
Torre del lago puccini 50 km
San gimignano 56 km
Viareggio 60 km
Cave di marmo di Carrara 100 km
Siena 104 km

Restaurants / places to eat

Ristorante al lago, San Donato, Santa Maria a Monte.
La tana dei ghiotti, Cerretti, Santa Maria a Monte.
La perla, across the street for a good pizza. Open only on Saturday and Sunday evening.


Museo Piaggio, in Pontedera.
Museo delle invenzioni di Leonardo (Leonardo's inventions), in Vinci
Museo delle torture medioevali (medieval torture), in Volterra.


There are many places to buy typical products but, being in the heart of Tuscany, here are just a few places where you surely will find excellent products.
Tuscan's Creations (Ponte a Egola, 10 km): has an internal store which sells leather bags and folders.
Bei & Nannini (Lucca,  30 Km): production and sale of coffee.
Cioccolato Amadei (Pontedera, 5 Km): production and sale of good homemade chocolate.
Pasta Martelli (Lari, 15 Km): the pasta known throughout Italy for its quality. Direct sale.


Monday: Castelfranco di sotto (5 km)
Tuesday: Montecalvoli, a fianco del B&B
Thursday: S. Maria a Monte (3 km)
Friday: Pontedera (5km)

How to visit Florence

Florence is a beautiful city, convenient and easy to reach, but many of the works to be appreciated fully deserve to be visited with a guide. We have no agreements of any kind, but as you can see from tripadvisor but especially by the opinions of our many customers who have passed recommend you go with florencepass, which we believe offers a great service, and above all allows the Visit the Vasari Corridor and Uffizi two of the most important and fascinating museum works in Florence

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